Title 40


73.52 EPA recordation.

§ 73.52 EPA recordation.

(a) General recordation. Except as provided in this paragraph (a), the Administrator will record an allowance transfer by no later than five business days (or longer as necessary to perform a transfer in perpetuity of allowances allocated to a unit) following receipt of an allowance transfer request pursuant to § 73.50, by moving each allowance from the transferror account to the transferee account as specified by the request pursuant to § 73.50, provided that:

(1) The transfer is correctly submitted under § 73.50;

(2) The transferor account includes each allowance identified by serial number in the transfer; and

(3) If the allowances identified by serial number specified pursuant to § 73.50(b)(1)(ii) are subject to the limitation on transfer imposed pursuant to § 72.44(h)(1)(i) of this chapter, § 74.42 of this chapter, or § 74.47(c) of this chapter, the transfer is in accordance with such limitation.

(b) To the extent an allowance transfer submitted for recordation after the allowance transfer deadline includes allowances allocated for any year before the year in which the allowance transfer deadline occurs, the transfer of such allowance will not be recorded until after completion of the deductions pursuant to § 73.35(b) for year before the year in which the allowance transfer deadline occurs.

(c) Where an allowance transfer submitted for recordation fails to meet the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section, the Administrator will not record such transfer.

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