Title 40


72.80 General.

§ 72.80 General.

(a) This subpart shall govern revisions to any Acid Rain permit issued by the Administrator and to the Acid Rain portion of any operating permit issued by a State permitting authority.

(b) Notwithstanding the operating permit revision procedures specified in parts 70 and 71 of this chapter, the provisions of this subpart shall govern revision of any Acid Rain Program permit provision.

(c) A permit revision may be submitted for approval at any time. No permit revision shall affect the term of the Acid Rain permit to be revised. No permit revision shall excuse any violation of an Acid Rain Program requirement that occurred prior to the effective date of the revision.

(d) The terms of the Acid Rain permit shall apply while the permit revision is pending, except as provided in § 72.83 for administrative permit amendments.

(e) The standard requirements of § 72.9 shall not be modified or voided by a permit revision.

(f) Any permit revision involving incorporation of a compliance option that was not submitted for approval and comment during the permit issuance process or involving a change in a compliance option that was previously submitted, shall meet the requirements for applying for such compliance option under subpart D of this part and parts 74 and 76 of this chapter.

(g) Any designated representative who fails to submit any relevant information or who has submitted incorrect information in a permit revision shall, upon becoming aware of such failure or incorrect submittal, promptly submit such supplementary information or corrected information to the permitting authority.

(h) For permit revisions not described in §§ 72.81 and 72.82 of this part, the permitting authority may, in its discretion, determine which of these sections is applicable.

[58 FR 3650, Jan. 11, 1993, as amended at 62 FR 55484, Oct. 24, 1997]