Title 40


72.66 Public comments.

§ 72.66 Public comments.

(a) General. During the public comment period, any person may submit written comments on the draft permit or the denial of a draft permit.

(b) Form. (1) Comments shall be submitted in duplicate.

(2) The submission shall clearly indicate the draft permit issuance or denial to which the comments apply.

(3) The submission shall clearly indicate the name of the person commenting, his or her interest in the matter, and his or her affiliation, if any, to owners and operators of any unit covered by the Acid Rain permit application.

(c) Contents. Timely comments on any aspect of the draft permit or denial or a draft permit will be considered unless they concern:

(1) Any standard requirement under § 72.9;

(2) Issues that are not relevant, such as:

(i) The environmental effects of acid rain, acid deposition, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen oxides generally; and

(ii) Permit issuance procedures, or actions on other permit applications, that are not relevant to the draft permit issuance or denial in question.

(d) Persons who do not wish to raise issues concerning the issuance or denial of the draft permit, but who wish to be notified of any subsequent actions concerning such matter may so indicate in writing during the public comment period or at any other time. The Administrator will place their names on a list of interested persons.