Title 40


72.61 Completeness.

§ 72.61 Completeness.

(a) Determination of Completeness. The Administrator will determine whether the Acid Rain permit application is complete within 60 days of receipt by the U.S. EPA Regional Office for the Region in which the source is located. The permit application shall be deemed to be complete if the Administrator fails to notify the designated representative to the contrary within 60 days of receipt.

(b) Supplemental Information. (1) Regardless of whether the Acid Rain permit application is complete under paragraph (a) of this section, the Administrator may require submission of any additional information that the Administrator determines to be necessary in order to review the Acid Rain permit application and issue an Acid Rain permit.

(2)(i) Within a reasonable period determined by the Administrator, the designated representative shall submit the information required under paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

(ii) If the designated representative fails to submit the supplemental information within the required time period, the Administrator may disapprove that portion of the Acid Rain permit application for the review of which the information was necessary and may deny the source an Acid Rain permit.

(3) Any designated representative who fails to submit any relevant information or who has submitted incorrect information in a permit application shall, upon becoming aware of such failure or incorrect submittal, promptly submit such supplementary information or corrected information to the Administrator.

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