Title 40


58.2 Purpose.

§ 58.2 Purpose.

(a) This part contains requirements for measuring ambient air quality and for reporting ambient air quality data and related information. The monitoring criteria pertain to the following areas:

(1) Quality assurance procedures for monitor operation and data handling.

(2) Methodology used in monitoring stations.

(3) Operating schedule.

(4) Siting parameters for instruments or instrument probes.

(5) Minimum ambient air quality monitoring network requirements used to provide support to the State implementation plans (SIP), national air quality assessments, and policy decisions. These minimums are described as part of the network design requirements, including minimum numbers and placement of monitors of each type.

(6) Air quality data reporting, and requirements for the daily reporting of an index of ambient air quality.

(b) The requirements pertaining to provisions for an air quality surveillance system in the SIP are contained in this part.

(c) This part also acts to establish a national ambient air quality monitoring network for the purpose of providing timely air quality data upon which to base national assessments and policy decisions.