Title 40

SECTION 57.605

57.605 Consent.

§ 57.605 Consent.

Each NSO shall incorporate by reference a binding written consent, signed by a corporate official empowered to do so, requiring the smelter owner to:

(a) Carry out the approved research and development program;

(b) Grant each issuing agency and EPA and their contractors access to any information or data employed or generated in the research and development program, including any process, emissions, or financial records which such agency determines are needed to evaluate the technical or economic merits of the program;

(c) Grant physical access to representatives and contractors of each issuing agency to each facility at which such research is conducted;

(d) Grant the representatives and contractors of EPA and the issuing agency reasonable access to the persons conducting the program on behalf of the smelter owner for discussions of progress, interpretation of data and results, and any other similar purposes as deemed necessary by EPA or any issuing agency.