Title 40

SECTION 57.603

57.603 Criteria for approval.

§ 57.603 Criteria for approval.

The approvability of any proposed research and development program shall be judged primarily according to the following criteria:

(a) The likelihood that the project will result in the use of more effective means of emission limitation by the smelter within a reasonable period of time and that the technology can be implemented at the smelter in question, should the smelter be placed on a SIP compliance schedule at some future date when adequately demonstrated technology is reasonably available;

(b) Whether the proposed funding and staffing of the project appear adequate for its successful completion;

(c) Whether the proposed level of funding for the project is consistent with the research and development expenditure levels for pollution control found in other industries;

(d) The potential that the project may yield industrywide pollution control benefits;

(e) Whether the project may also improve control of other pollutants of both occupational and environmental significance;

(f) The potential effects of the project on energy conservation; and

(g) Other non-air quality health and environmental considerations.