Title 40

SECTION 57.502

57.502 Evaluation.

§ 57.502 Evaluation.

(a) Evaluation at the time of application. Any smelter owner may demonstrate at the time of application for an NSO that the smelter's SO2 fugitive emissions will not cause or significant contribute to violations of the NAAQS in the smelter's DLA. If such demonstration is not made, the smelter owner shall submit the design and workplan for a study adequate to assess the sources of significant fugitive emissions from the smelter and their effects upon ambient air quality.

(b) Evaluation during the first 6 months of the NSO. The design and workplan of the study shall be approved, if adequate, by the issuing agency and included in the NSO. The study shall commence no later than the date when the NSO becomes effective and an analysis of its results shall be submitted to the issuing agency within 6 months of the effective date of the NSO. The study shall include an appropriate period during which the ambient air shall be monitored to determine the impact of fugitive emissions of sulfur dioxide, arsenic (at copper smelters only), lead (at lead and zinc smelters only), and total suspended particulates on the ambient air quality in the smelter's DLA.