Title 40

SECTION 57.405

57.405 Formulation, approval, and implementation of requirements.

§ 57.405 Formulation, approval, and implementation of requirements.

(a) SCS content of the application. The requirements of § 57.203(d) shall be satisfied with respect to this subpart as follows:

(1) Each NSO application shall include a complete description of any supplementary control system in operation at the smelter at the time of application and a copy of any SCS operational manual in use with that system.

(2) Each NSO application shall contain proposed NSO provisions for compliance with the requirements of §§ 57.401, 57.402 (c), (d), and (f), 57.403, 57.404, and 57.405 (b)(2).

(3) Each NSO application shall include a specific plan for the development of a system fulfilling the requirements of § 57.402(a), (b), and (e) (covering air quality monitoring network, meteorological network, and the SCS operational manual).

(b) SCS content of the order. (1) Each NSO shall include an approved version of the plan described in paragraph (a)(3) of this section and shall provide increments of progress towards its completion. Each NSO shall require, upon completion of the measures specified in the approved plan, submission of a report which describes each element of the SCS and explains why the elements satisfy the requirements of the plan and submission of a copy of the SCS operational manual developed under the plan.

(2) Each NSO shall require the submission of a final report, within 6 months of the required date for completion of the measures specified in the approved plan evaluating the performance and adequacy of the SCS developed pursuant to the approved plan. The report shall include:

(i) A detailed description of how the criteria that form the basis for particular curtailment decisions were derived;

(ii) A complete description of each SCS element listed in § 57.402 (a) through (d) (covering monitoring, meteorology, and the DLA), and an explanation of why the elements fulfill the requirements of those sections;

(iii) A reliability study demonstrating that the SCS will prevent violations of the NAAQS in the smelter's DLA at all times. The reliability study shall include a comprehensive analysis of the system's operation during one or more three-month seasonal periods when meteorological conditions creating the most serious risk of NAAQS violations are likely to occur. Where it is impossible, because of time restraints, to include in such a study and analysis of the three month seasonal period with meteorological conditions creating the most serious risk of NAAQS violations, the study shall analyze the system's operation on the basis of all available information. The NSO shall provide that in such case, a supplemental reliability study shall be submitted after the end of the worst case three-month period as a part of the next semi-annual report required under § 57.402(f).

(iv) A copy of the current SCS operational manual.

(c) Amendment of the NSO. Each NSO shall be amended, if necessary, within 3 months of completion of the measures required under the SCS development plan and also, if necessary, within three months of submission of the final report or any supplement to the final report required under paragraph (b)(2) of this section, to reflect the most current approved elements of the SCS and, as appropriate, to fulfill all other requirements of this subpart. Each NSO shall also be subsequently amended (as provided in § 57.104) whenever necessary as a result of the program required by § 57.402(f) or to reflect improved SCS operating procedures or other system requirements.