Title 40

SECTION 57.404

57.404 Measurements, records, and reports.

§ 57.404 Measurements, records, and reports.

(a) Measurements. Each NSO shall require the smelter owner to install, operate, and maintain a measurement system(s) for continuously monitoring sulfur dioxide emissions and stack gas volumetric flow rates in each stack (except a stack used exclusively for bypassing control equipment) which could emit 5 percent or more of the smelter's total potential (uncontrolled) hourly sulfur dioxide emissions.

(1) Such monitors shall be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the performance specifications and other requirements contained in appendices D and E to 40 CFR part 52. The monitors must take and record at least one measurement of sulfur dioxide concentration and stack gas flow rate from the effluent of each affected stack in each fifteen-minute period. (The NSO shall require the smelter operator to devise and implement any procedures necessary for compliance with these performance specifications.)

(2) The sampling point shall be located at least eight stack diameters (diameter measured at sampling point) downstream and two diameters upstream from any flow disturbance such as a bend, expansion, constriction, or flame, unless another location is approved by the Administrator.

(3) The sampling point for monitoring emissions shall be in the duct at the centroid of the cross section if the cross sectional area is less than 4.645 m 2 (50 ft 2) or at a point no closer to the wall than 0.914m (3 ft) if the cross sectional area is 4.645 m 2 (50 ft 2) or more. The monitor sample point shall be in an area of small spatial concentration gradient and shall provide a sample which is representative of the concentration in the duct.

(4) The measurement system(s) installed and used pursuant to this paragraph shall be subject to the manufacturer's recommended zero adjustment and calibration procedures at least once per 24-hour operating period unless the manufacturer specifies or recommends calibration at shorter intervals, in which case such specifications or recommendations shall be followed. Records of these procedures shall be made which clearly show instrument readings before and after zero adjustment and calibration.

(5) The results of such monitoring, calibration, and maintenance shall be submitted in the form and with the frequency specified in the NSO.

(b) Records. Each NSO shall require the smelter owner to maintain records of the air quality measurements made, meteorological information acquired, emission curtailment ordered (including the identity of the persons making such decisions), and calibration and maintenance performed on SCS monitors during the operation of the SCS. These records shall be maintained for the duration of the NSO.

(c) Reports. Each NSO shall require the smelter owner to:

(1) Submit a monthly summary indicating all places and times at which the NAAQS for SO2 were violated in the smelter's DLA, and stating the SO2 concentrations at such times;

(2) Immediately notify EPA and the State agency any time concentrations of SO2 in the ambient air in the smelter's DLA reaches 0.3 part per million (800 micrograms/cubic meter), 24-hour average, or exceed the warning stage in any more stringent emergency plan in the applicable State Implementation Plan; and

(3) Make such other reports as may be specified in the NSO.