Title 40

SECTION 57.301

57.301 General requirements.

§ 57.301 General requirements.

Each NSO shall require an interim level of sulfur dioxide constant controls to be operated at the smelter, unless a waiver of this requirement has been granted to the owner under subpart H of this part. Except as otherwise provided in § 57.304, the interim constant controls shall be properly operated and maintained at all times. The NSO shall require the following gas streams to be treated by interim constant controls:

(a) In copper smelters, off-gases from fluidized bed roasters, flash furnaces, NORANDA reactors, electric furnaces and copper converters;

(b) In lead smelters, off-gases from the front end of the sintering machine and any other sinter gases which are recirculated;

(c) In zinc smelters, off-gases from mult-hearth roasters, flash roasters and fluidized bed roasters; and

(d) In all primary nonferrous smelters, all other strong SO2 streams.

(e) In all primary nonferrous smelters, any other process streams which were regularly or intermittently treated by constant controls at the smelter as of August 7, 1977.