Title 40

SECTION 57.202

57.202 How to apply.

§ 57.202 How to apply.

(a) Letter of intent. To initiate an application for an NSO, the owner or operator of a smelter shall send a letter of intent to an appropriate air pollution control agency. The letter of intent shall contain a statement of the owner's intent to apply for an NSO, and an agreement to provide any information required under this part. The letter of intent shall be signed by a corporate official authorized to make such commitments. Upon receipt of any letter of intent by the issuing agency, the SIP emission limitation for sulfur dioxide, as to that applicant, shall be deemed suspended for 60 days. The 60 day suspension may be extended for good cause at the discretion of the Administrator.

(b) Complete application. (1) Within the period referred to in paragraph (a) of this section, the smelter owner shall submit its completed application pursuant to § 57.201. Receipt of all parts of a substantially complete application postmarked within the original or extended application period shall be deemed to continue the suspension of the SIP emission limitation for SO2 until the issuing agency issues or declines to issue an NSO. This suspension shall in all cases terminate, however, 90 days after receipt of the substantially completed application, unless extended for good cause at the discretion of the Administrator. If, in the Administrator's judgment, good faith effort has been made to submit a complete application, additional time may be granted to allow for correction of minor deficiencies.

(2) If an issuing agency transmits an NSO to EPA for approval before the expiration of the suspension of the Federal SIP emission limitation, the suspension shall continue until EPA approves or disapproves the NSO.