Title 40

SECTION 57.104

57.104 Amendment of the NSO.

§ 57.104 Amendment of the NSO.

An NSO shall be amended whenever necessary for compliance with the requirements and purposes of this part.

(a)(1) Issuance of amendment. A State or local issuing agency may issue an amendment of any NSO it has issued. Any amendment issued by a State or local issuing agency shall be subject to approval by EPA to the same extent as was the original NSO. Any smelter owner may apply to the agency which originally issued its NSO for an amendment of the NSO at any time. Such an application shall be accompanied by whatever documentation is required by that agency (or EPA) to support the requested amendment.

(2)(i) Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph (a)(1) of this section, amendments to SIP compliance schedule interim compliance dates in State-issued NSO's need not be submitted for EPA approval if the amendment does not delay the interim date by more than three months from the date as approved by the Administrator and if the final compliance date is unchanged. Delays longer than 3 months shall be handled according to the provisions of § 57.104(a)(1).

(ii) Changes made in accordance with this subparagraph may be effective immediately but must be submitted to EPA within seven days. EPA will give public notice of receipt of such changes by publication of a Notice in the Federal Register.

(3) In any case in which the issuing agency fails to issue an amendment necessary for compliance with the requirements and purposes of this part, EPA may, after first giving the issuing Agency notice, issue such amendment.

(b) Revision of SCS Manual. Operation in accordance with the revised provisions of an SCS operational manual (see § 57.402(e)) shall not be considered a violation of an NSO while the application for approval of those revisions as NSO amendments is pending before the issuing agency (or EPA) for approval: Provided, that:

(1) No violations of NAAQS occur in the smelter's Designated Liability Area during that time; and

(2) The smelter operator has not been informed by the issuing agency or EPA that its application is not adequately documented, unless such deficiency has been remedied promptly.

(c) Notice and opportunity for hearing. Notice and opportunity for public hearing shall be provided before issuance of all major amendments.