Title 40

SECTION 310.21

310.21 How does EPA resolve disputes

§ 310.21 How does EPA resolve disputes?

(a) The EPA reimbursement official's decision is final EPA action unless you file a request for review by registered or certified mail within 60 calendar days of the date you receive our decision. Send your request for review to the address given in § 310.15(d).

(b) You must file your request for review with the disputes decision official identified in the final written decision.

(c) Your request for review must include:

(1) A statement of the amount you dispute;

(2) A description of the issues involved;

(3) A statement of your objection to the final decision; and

(4) Any additional information relevant to your objection to EPA's decision.

(d) After filing for review:

(1) You may request an informal conference with the EPA disputes decision official;

(2) You may be represented by counsel and may submit documentary evidence and briefs to be included in a written record; and

(3) You will receive a written decision by the disputes decision official within 45 days after we receive your final submission of information unless the official extends this period for good cause.