Title 40

SECTION 310.17

310.17 Are there any other requirements

§ 310.17 Are there any other requirements?

(a) You must certify that reimbursement under this regulation does not supplant local funds that you normally provide for emergency response. This means that the reimbursement you request is for costs you would not normally incur; rather, they are for significant, unanticipated costs related to a specific incident beyond what you normally respond to.

(b) You must also certify that your response actions are not in conflict with CERCLA, the National Contingency Plan (NCP), and the local emergency response plan prepared by your Local Emergency Planning Committee, if there is one. If you need help with this requirement, contact the LGR Help line (800-431-9209) or your EPA regional office.

(c) You, as a local government, should be included in the local emergency response plan completed by your LEPC, as section 303(a) of EPCRA requires. This does not apply if your State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has not established an LEPC responsible for the emergency planning district(s) that encompasses your geographic boundaries.