Title 40

SECTION 257.3-7

257.3-7 Air.

§ 257.3-7 Air.

(a) The facility or practice shall not engage in open burning of residential, commercial, institutional or industrial solid waste. This requirement does not apply to infrequent burning of agricultural wastes in the field, silvicultural wastes for forest management purposes, land-clearing debris, diseased trees, debris from emergency clean-up operations, and ordnance.

(b) For purposes of section 4004(a) of the Act, the facility shall not violate applicable requirements developed under a State Implementation Plan (SIP) approved or promulgated by the Administrator pursuant to section 110 of the Clean Air Act, as amended.

(c) As used in this section “open burning” means the combustion of solid waste without (1) control of combustion air to maintain adequate temperature for efficient combustion, (2) containment of the combustion reaction in an enclosed device to provide sufficient residence time and mixing for complete combustion, and (3) control of the emission of the combustion products.

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