Title 40


22.21 Assignment of Presiding Officer; scheduling the hearing.

§ 22.21 Assignment of Presiding Officer; scheduling the hearing.

(a) Assignment of Presiding Officer. When an answer is filed, the Regional Hearing Clerk shall forward a copy of the complaint, the answer, and any other documents filed in the proceeding to the Chief Administrative Law Judge who shall serve as Presiding Officer or assign another Administrative Law Judge as Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer shall then obtain the case file from the Chief Administrative Law Judge and notify the parties of his assignment.

(b) Notice of hearing. The Presiding Officer shall hold a hearing if the proceeding presents genuine issues of material fact. The Presiding Officer shall serve upon the parties a notice of hearing setting forth a time and place for the hearing not later than 30 days prior to the date set for the hearing. The Presiding Officer may require the attendance of witnesses or the production of documentary evidence by subpoena, if authorized under the Act, upon a showing of the grounds and necessity therefor, and the materiality and relevancy of the evidence to be adduced.

(c) Postponement of hearing. No request for postponement of a hearing shall be granted except upon motion and for good cause shown.

(d) Location of the hearing. The location of the hearing shall be determined in accordance with the method for determining the location of a prehearing conference under § 22.19(d).