Title 40

SECTION 1700.41

1700.41 Records.

§ 1700.41 Records.

(a) All records must be generated and maintained in the ship's logs (main, engineering, and/or damage control) or an UNDS Record Book and must include the following information:

(1) Vessel owner information (e.g., U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard);

(2) Vessel name and class; and

(3) Name of the PIC.

(b) The PIC must maintain complete records of the following information:

(1) Any inspection or recordkeeping requirement as specified in §§ 1700.14 through 1700.38;

(2) Any instance of an exception and the associated recordkeeping requirements as specified in § 1700.39; and

(3) Any instance of non-compliance with any of the performance standards as specified in §§ 1700.14 through 1700.38. The information recorded must include the following:

(i) Description of any non-compliance and its cause;

(ii) Date of non-compliance;

(iii) Period of non-compliance (time and duration);

(iv) Location of the vessel during non-compliance;

(v) Corrective action taken;

(vi) Steps taken or planned to reduce, eliminate, and prevent non-compliance in the future; and

(vii) If the non-compliance has not been corrected, an estimate of the time the non-compliance is expected to continue.

(c) All records prepared under this section must be maintained for a period of five years from the date they are created. The information in this paragraph will be available to the EPA, states, or the U.S. Coast Guard upon request. Any information made available upon request must be appropriately classified, as applicable, and handled in accordance with applicable legal requirements regarding national security.