Title 40

SECTION 1700.39

1700.39 Exceptions.

§ 1700.39 Exceptions.

(a) Notwithstanding each of the MPCD performance standards established in this Part, a vessel of the Armed Forces is authorized to discharge, into waters subject to UNDS, when the PIC or their designated representative determines that such discharge is necessary to prevent loss of life, personal injury, vessel endangerment, or severe damage to the vessel.

(b) A vessel of the Armed Forces must maintain the following records for all discharges under paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) Name and title of the PIC who determined the necessity of the discharge;

(2) Date, location, and estimated volume of the discharge;

(3) Explanation of the reason the discharge occurred; and

(4) Actions taken to avoid, minimize, or otherwise mitigate the discharge.

(c) All records prepared under paragraph (b) of this section must be maintained in accordance with § 1700.41.