Title 40

SECTION 1700.12

1700.12 Petition requirements.

§ 1700.12 Petition requirements.

A petition for review of a determination or standard must include:

(a) The discharge from § 1700.4 or § 1700.5 for which a change in determination is requested, or the performance standard from § 1700.14 for which review is requested.

(b) The scientific and technical information on which the petition is based.

(c) A detailed explanation of why the State believes that consideration of the new information should result in a change to the determination or the standard on a nationwide basis, and an explanation of how the new information is relevant to one or more of the following factors:

(1) The nature of the discharge.

(2) The environmental effects of the discharge.

(3) The practicability of using a Marine Pollution Control Device.

(4) The effect that installation or use of the Marine Pollution Control Device would have on the operation or operational capability of the vessel.

(5) Applicable United States law.

(6) Applicable international standards.

(7) The economic costs of the installation and use of the Marine Pollution Control Device.