Title 40

SECTION 1066.701

1066.701 Applicability and general provisions.

§ 1066.701 Applicability and general provisions.

(a) The procedures of this part 1066 may be used for testing at any ambient temperature. Section 1066.710 describes the provisions that apply for testing vehicles at a nominal temperature of −7 °C (20 °F); these procedures apply for motor vehicles as described in 40 CFR part 86, subpart S, and 40 CFR part 600. For other vehicles, see the standard-setting part to determine if your vehicle is required to meet emission standards outside the normal (20 to 30) °C ((68 to 86) °F) temperature range.

(b) Do not apply the humidity correction factor in § 1066.615(a) for cold temperature testing.

[79 FR 23823, Apr. 28, 2014, as amended at 80 FR 9122, Feb. 19, 2015]