Title 40

SECTION 1066.10

1066.10 Other procedures.

§ 1066.10 Other procedures.

(a) Your testing. The procedures in this part apply for all testing you do to show compliance with emission standards, with certain exceptions noted in this section. In some other sections in this part, we allow you to use other procedures (such as less precise or less accurate procedures) if they do not affect your ability to show that your vehicles comply with the applicable emission standards. This generally requires emission levels to be far enough below the applicable emission standards so that any errors caused by greater imprecision or inaccuracy do not affect your ability to state unconditionally that the engines meet all applicable emission standards.

(b) Our testing. These procedures generally apply for testing that we do to determine if your vehicles comply with applicable emission standards. We may perform other testing as allowed by the Act.

(c) Exceptions. You may use procedures other than those specified in this part as described in 40 CFR 1065.10(c). All the test procedures noted as exceptions to the specified procedures are considered generically as “other procedures.” Note that the terms “special procedures” and “alternate procedures” have specific meanings; “special procedures” are those allowed by 40 CFR 1065.10(c)(2) and “alternate procedures” are those allowed by 40 CFR 1065.10(c)(7). If we require you to request approval to use other procedures under this paragraph (c), you may not use them until we approve your request.

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