Title 40

SECTION 1066.1

1066.1 Applicability.

§ 1066.1 Applicability.

(a) This part describes the emission measurement procedures that apply to testing we require for the following vehicles:

(1) Model year 2014 and later heavy-duty highway vehicles we regulate under 40 CFR part 1037 that are not subject to chassis testing for exhaust emissions under 40 CFR part 86.

(2) Model year 2022 and later motor vehicles (light-duty and heavy-duty) that are subject to chassis testing for exhaust emissions under 40 CFR part 86, other than highway motorcycles. See 40 CFR part 86 for provisions describing how to implement this part 1066.

(b) The procedures of this part may apply to other types of vehicles, as described in this part and in the standard-setting part.

(c) The testing in this part 1066 is designed for measuring exhaust, evaporative, and refueling emissions. Procedures for measuring evaporative and refueling emissions for motor vehicles are in some cases integral with exhaust measurement procedures as described in § 1066.801. Subpart J of this part describes provisions that are unique to evaporative and refueling emission measurements. Other subparts in this part are written with a primary focus on measurement of exhaust emissions.

(d) The term “you” means anyone performing testing under this part other than EPA.

(1) This part is addressed primarily to manufacturers of vehicles, but it applies equally to anyone who does testing under this part for such manufacturers.

(2) This part applies to any manufacturer or supplier of test equipment, instruments, supplies, or any other goods or services related to the procedures, requirements, recommendations, or options in this part.

(e) Paragraph (a) of this section identifies the parts of the CFR that define emission standards and other requirements for particular types of vehicles. In this part, we refer to each of these other parts generically as the “standard-setting part.” For example, 40 CFR part 1037 is the standard-setting part for heavy-duty highway vehicles and parts 86 and 600 are the standard-setting parts for light-duty vehicles. For vehicles subject to 40 CFR part 86, subpart S, treat subpart I and subpart J of this part as belonging to 40 CFR part 86. This means that references to the standard-setting part include subpart I and subpart J of this part.

(f) Unless we specify otherwise, the terms “procedures” and “test procedures” in this part include all aspects of vehicle testing, including the equipment specifications, calibrations, calculations, and other protocols and procedural specifications needed to measure emissions.

(g) For additional information regarding these test procedures, visit our Web site at www.epa.gov, and in particular http://www.epa.gov/nvfel/testing/regulations.htm.