Title 40

SECTION 1054.710

1054.710 How do I average emission credits

§ 1054.710 How do I average emission credits?

(a) Averaging is the exchange of emission credits among your families. You may average emission credits only within the same averaging set.

(b) You may certify one or more families to an FEL above the emission standard, subject to the FEL caps and other provisions in subpart B of this part, if you show in your application for certification that your projected balance of all emission-credit transactions in that model year is greater than or equal to zero.

(c) If you certify a family to an FEL that exceeds the otherwise applicable standard, you must obtain enough emission credits to offset the family's deficit by the due date for the final report required in § 1054.730. The emission credits used to address the deficit may come from your other families that generate emission credits in the same model year, from emission credits you have banked, or from emission credits you obtain through trading.