Title 40

SECTION 1054.660

1054.660 What are the provisions for exempting emergency rescue equipment

§ 1054.660 What are the provisions for exempting emergency rescue equipment?

The provisions of this section apply for new equipment built on or after January 1, 2010.

(a) Equipment manufacturers may introduce into U.S. commerce equipment that is not certified to current emission standards under the following conditions if the equipment will be used solely in emergency rescue situations:

(1) You must determine annually that no engines certified to current emission standards are available to power the equipment safely and practically. We may review your records supporting this determination at any time.

(2) You may not use exempted engines for the following equipment used to provide remote power to a rescue tool: generators, alternators, compressors, or pumps.

(3) If engines that meet less stringent emission standards are capable of powering your equipment safely and practically, you must use them as a condition of this exemption. You must use available engines meeting the most stringent standards feasible.

(4) You must send the engine manufacturer a written request for each exempted equipment model.

(5) You must notify the Designated Compliance Officer of your intent to use the provisions of this section. We may require you to notify us annually or to send us annual reports describing how you meet the conditions of this section.

(b) For the purposes of this section, “emergency rescue situations” means firefighting or other situations in which a person is retrieved from imminent danger.

(c) As an engine manufacturer, you may produce exempt engines under this section without our prior approval if you have a written request for an exempted engine for use in emergency rescue equipment from the equipment manufacturer. You must permanently label engines with the following statement: “EMERGENCY RESCUE EQUIPMENT - EXEMPT FROM EMISSION STANDARDS UNDER 40 CFR 1054.660.” Failure to properly label an engine will void the exemption.

(d) We may discontinue an exemption under this section if we find that engines are not used solely for emergency rescue equipment or if we find that a certified engine is available to power the equipment safely and practically.