Title 40

SECTION 1054.650

1054.650 What special provisions apply for adding or changing governors

§ 1054.650 What special provisions apply for adding or changing governors?

The special provisions in this section apply for engines that will not be governed to control engine speeds consistent with the constant-speed operation reflected by the duty cycles specified in § 1054.505. We refer to these as constant-speed governors in this section. Paragraph (a) of this section also applies for any engines shipped without installed governors.

(a) The representative-testing requirements of 40 CFR 1065.10(c)(1) related to in-use duty cycles do not apply to engines you produce and ship without constant-speed governors if you comply with all the following requirements:

(1) You must have test data showing that the effectiveness of the engine's emission controls over the expected range of in-use operation will be similar to that measured over the specified duty cycle. Alternatively, if your emission controls depend on maintaining a consistent air-fuel ratio, you may demonstrate that the engine is calibrated to maintain a consistent air-fuel ratio over the expected range of in-use operation.

(2) Describe in your application for certification the data and analysis that supports your conclusion.

(b) It is a violation of the tampering provisions in 40 CFR 1068.101(b)(1) to remove a governor from a certified engine unless you recertify the engine in the modified configuration.