Title 40

SECTION 1054.612

1054.612 What special provisions apply for equipment manufacturers modifying certified nonhandheld engines

§ 1054.612 What special provisions apply for equipment manufacturers modifying certified nonhandheld engines?

The provisions of this section apply for all emission families through the 2014 model year; starting with the 2015 model year, these provisions are limited to small-volume emission families.

(a) General provisions. If you buy certified nonhandheld engines for installation in equipment you produce, but you install the engines such that they use intake or exhaust systems that are not part of the originally certified configuration, you become the engine manufacturer for those engines and must certify that they will meet emission standards. We will allow you to utilize the provisions for simplified certification specified in paragraph (b) of this section, as long as your design stays within the overall specifications from the original engine manufacturer (such as exhaust backpressure) and you use a catalyst as described in the original engine manufacturer's application for certification.

(b) Simplified certification. You must perform testing with an emission-data engine to show that you meet exhaust emission standards; however, you may use the deterioration factor from the original engine manufacturer. The production-line testing requirements in subpart D of this part do not apply for engines certified under this section. You must meet all the other requirements that apply to engine manufacturers for engines subject to standards under this part. The engine family must have the same useful life value specified by the original engine manufacturer for that engine. In your application for certification describe any differences between the original engine manufacturer's design and yours and explain why the deterioration data generated by the original engine manufacturer is appropriate for your configuration.

(c) Engine exemption. As an engine manufacturer, you may produce nonconforming engines for equipment manufacturers as allowed under this section. You do not have to request this exemption for your engines, but you must have written assurance from equipment manufacturers that they need a certain number of exempted engines under this section. Add a removable label to the engines as described in 40 CFR 1068.262.