Title 40

SECTION 1048.515

1048.515 What are the field-testing procedures

§ 1048.515 What are the field-testing procedures?

(a) This section describes the procedures to determine whether your engines meet the field-testing emission standards in § 1048.101(c). These procedures may include any normal engine operation and ambient conditions that the engines may experience in use. Paragraph (b) of this section defines the limits of what we will consider normal engine operation and ambient conditions. Use the test procedures we specify in § 1048.501, except for the provisions we specify in this section. Measure emissions with one of the following procedures:

(1) Remove the selected engines for testing in a laboratory. You may use an engine dynamometer to simulate normal operation, as described in this section.

(2) Test the selected engines while they remain installed in the equipment. In 40 CFR part 1065, subpart J, we describe the equipment and sampling methods for testing engines in the field. Use fuel meeting the specifications of 40 CFR part 1065, subpart H, or a fuel typical of what you would expect the engine to use in service.

(b) An engine's emissions may not exceed the levels we specify in § 1048.101(c) for any continuous sampling period of at least 120 seconds under the following ranges of operation and operating conditions:

(1) Engine operation during the emission sampling period may include any normal operation, subject to the following restrictions:

(i) Average power must be at least 5 percent of maximum brake power.

(ii) Continuous time at idle must not be greater than 120 seconds.

(iii) The sampling period may not begin until the engine has reached stable operating temperatures. For example, this would exclude engine operation after starting until the thermostat starts modulating coolant temperature.

(iv) The sampling period may not include engine starting.

(v) For engines that qualify for the alternate Tier 2 emission standards in § 1048.101(d), operation at 90 percent or more of maximum power must be less than 10 percent of the total sampling time. You may request our approval for a different power threshold.

(2) Engine testing may occur under any normal conditions without correcting measured emission levels, subject to the following restrictions:

(i) Barometric pressure must be between 80.0 and 103.3 kPa (600 and 775 mm Hg).

(ii) Ambient air temperature must be between 13° and 35 °C.

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