Title 40

SECTION 1048.405

1048.405 How does this program work

§ 1048.405 How does this program work?

(a) You must test in-use engines, for exhaust emissions, from the families we select. We may select up to 25 percent of your engine families in any model year - or one engine family if you have three or fewer families. We will select engine families for testing before the end of the model year. When we select an engine family for testing, we may specify that you preferentially test engines based on fuel type or equipment type. In addition, we may identify specific modes of operation or sampling times. You may choose to test additional engine families that we do not select.

(b) Send us an in-use testing plan within six months after we direct you to test a particular engine family. If we request additional information or require you to modify your plan to meet the requirements of this subpart, you must provide the information or the modified plan within 30 days of our request. Complete the testing within 36 months after we direct you to test a particular engine family.

(c) You may need to test engines from more than one model year at a given time.

(d) In appropriate extreme and unusual circumstances that are clearly outside your control and could not have been avoided by the exercise of prudence, diligence, and due care, we may allow more time to complete testing or we may waive the in-use testing requirement for an engine family. For example, if your test fleet is destroyed by severe weather during service accumulation and we agree that completion of testing is not possible, we would generally waive testing requirements for that engine family.

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