Title 40

SECTION 1043.80

1043.80 Recordkeeping and reporting requirements for fuel suppliers.

§ 1043.80 Recordkeeping and reporting requirements for fuel suppliers.

Under APPS, fuel suppliers must provide bunker delivery notes to vessel operators for any fuel for an engine on any vessel identified in paragraph (a) of this section. Fuel suppliers must also keep copies of these records.

(a) The requirements of this section apply for fuel delivered to any of the following vessels:

(1) Vessels of 400 gross tonnage and above engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of other Parties.

(2) Platforms and drilling rigs engaged in voyages to waters under the sovereignty or jurisdiction of other Parties.

(b) Except as allowed by paragraph (c) of this section, the bunker delivery note must contain the following:

(1) The name and IMO number of the receiving vessel.

(2) Port (or other description of the location, if the delivery does not take place at a port).

(3) Date the fuel is delivered to the vessel (or date on which the delivery begins where the delivery begins on one day and ends on a later day).

(4) Name, address, and telephone number of fuel supplier.

(5) Fuel type and designation under 40 CFR part 1090.

(6) Quantity in metric tons.

(7) Density at 15 °C, in kg/m 3.

(8) Sulfur content in weight percent.

(9) A signed statement by an authorized representative of the fuel supplier certifying that the fuel supplied conforms to Regulations 14 and 18 of Annex VI consistent with its designation, intended use, and the date on which it is to be used. For example, with respect to conformity to Regulation 14 of Annex VI, a fuel designated and intended for use in an ECA any time on or after January 1, 2015 may not have a sulfur content above 0.10 weight percent. This statement is not required if the vessel is not subject to fuel standards of Regulation 14 of Annex VI. The statement described in this paragraph (b)(9) is deemed to be a submission to EPA.

(c) You may measure density and sulfur content according to the specifications of Annex VI, or according to other equivalent methods that we approve. Where the density and/or sulfur content of the delivered fuel cannot be measured, we may allow the use of alternate methods to specify the density and/or sulfur content of the fuel. For example, where fuel is supplied from multiple tanks on a supply vessel, we may allow the density and sulfur content of the fuel to be calculated as a weighted average of the measured densities and sulfur contents of the fuel that is supplied from each tank.

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