Title 40

SECTION 1043.70

1043.70 General recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

§ 1043.70 General recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(a) Under APPS, owners and operators of Party vessels must keep records related to NOX standards and in-use fuel specifications such as the Technical File, the Engine Book of Record Parameters, and bunker delivery notes. Owners and operators of non-Party vessels must keep these records as specified in the NOX Technical Code and Regulations 13, 14, and 18 of 2008 Annex VI (incorporated by reference in § 1043.100). We may inspect these records as allowed by APPS. As part of our inspection, we may require that the owner submit copies of these records to us.

(b) Nothing in this part limits recordkeeping and reporting the Secretary may require, nor does it preclude the Secretary from providing copies of any records to EPA.

(c) Nothing in this part limits the recordkeeping and reporting requirements applicable with respect to engines and vessels subject to 40 CFR part 1042 or with respect to fuels subject to 40 CFR part 1090.

(d) This paragraph (d) applies for vessels that are excluded from Regulation 13 of Annex VI and the NOX-related requirements of this part under § 1043.10(a)(2) or (b)(3) because they operate only domestically. Where the vessel operator has fuel receipts (or equivalent records) for the preceding three years showing it operated using only fuels meeting the specifications of 40 CFR part 1090 for distillate fuel, they are deemed to be in full compliance with the fuel recordkeeping requirements and prohibitions of this part and Annex VI.

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