Title 40

SECTION 1043.10

1043.10 Applicability.

§ 1043.10 Applicability.

(a) U.S.-flagged vessels. The provisions of this part apply for all U.S.-flagged vessels wherever they are located (including engines installed or intended to be installed on such vessels), except as specified in this paragraph (a) or in § 1043.95.

(1) Public vessels are excluded from this part.

(2) Vessels that operate only domestically and conform to the requirements of this paragraph (a)(2) are excluded from Regulation 13 of Annex VI and the NOX-related requirements of this part (including the requirement to obtain an EIAPP certificate and to keep a Technical File and an Engine Book of Record Parameters). For the purpose of this exclusion, the phrase “operate only domestically” means the vessels do not enter waters subject to the jurisdiction or control of any foreign country, except for Canadian portions of the Great Lakes. (See §§ 1043.60 and 1043.70 for provisions related to fuel use by such vessels). To be excluded, the vessel must conform to each of the following provisions:

(i) All compression-ignition engines on the vessel must conform fully to all applicable provisions of 40 CFR parts 94 and 1042.

(ii) The vessel may not contain any engines with a specific engine displacement at or above 30.0 liters per cylinder.

(iii) Any engine installed in the vessel that is not covered by an EIAPP certificate must be labeled as specified in 40 CFR 1042.135 with respect to whether it meets the requirements of Regulation 13 of Annex VI.

(b) Foreign-flagged vessels. The provisions of this part apply for all non-public foreign-flagged vessels (including engines installed on such vessels) as follows:

(1) The requirements of this part apply for foreign-flagged vessels operating in U.S. navigable waters or the U.S. EEZ.

(2) For non-public vessels flagged by a country that is not a party to Annex VI, the requirements of this part apply in the same manner as apply for Party vessels, except as otherwise provided in this part. For example, see § 1043.30(c)(4) for provisions related to showing compliance with this requirement without an EIAPP certificate. See § 1043.60 for specific operating requirements.

(3) Canadian vessels that operate only within the Great Lakes and are subject to an alternative NOX control measure established by the Canadian government are excluded from the NOX-related requirements of this part.

(c) Fuel suppliers. The provisions of § 1043.80 apply for all persons supplying fuel to any vessel subject to this part.

(d) Sea bed mineral exploration. This part does not apply to emissions directly arising from the exploration, exploitation, and associated offshore processing of sea-bed mineral resources. Note that other regulations apply with respect to these emissions in certain circumstances, and that engines that are not solely dedicated to such activities are otherwise subject to all requirements of this part.

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