Title 40

SECTION 1042.845

1042.845 Remanufactured engine families.

§ 1042.845 Remanufactured engine families.

(a) For purposes of certification, divide your product line into families of engines that are expected to have similar emission characteristics throughout the useful life as described in this section. You may not group Category 1 and Category 2 engines in the same family.

(b) In general, group engines in the same engine family if they are the same in all the following aspects:

(1) The combustion cycle and fuel (the fuels with which the engine is intended or designed to be operated).

(2) The cooling system (for example, raw-water vs. separate-circuit cooling).

(3) Method of air aspiration.

(4) Method of exhaust aftertreatment (for example, catalytic converter or particulate trap).

(5) Combustion chamber design.

(6) Nominal bore and stroke.

(7) Method of control for engine operation other than governing (i.e., mechanical or electronic).

(8) Original engine manufacturer.

(c) Alternatively, you may ask us to allow you to include other engine configurations in your engine family, consistent with good engineering judgment.

(d) Do not include in your family any configurations for which good engineering judgment indicates that your emission controls are unlikely to provide PM emission reductions similar to the configuration(s) tested.