Title 40

SECTION 1042.830

1042.830 Labeling.

§ 1042.830 Labeling.

(a) The labeling requirements of this paragraph (a) apply for remanufacturing that is subject to the standards of this subpart. At the time of remanufacture, affix a permanent and legible label identifying each engine. The label must be -

(1) Attached in one piece so it is not removable without being destroyed or defaced.

(2) Secured to a part of the engine needed for normal operation and not normally requiring replacement.

(3) Durable and readable for the engine's entire useful life.

(4) Written in English.

(b) The label required under paragraph (a) of this section must -

(1) Include the heading “EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION”.

(2) Include your full corporate name and trademark.

(3) Include EPA's standardized designation for the engine family.

(4) State the engine's category, displacement (in liters or L/cyl), maximum engine power (in kW), and power density (in kW/L) as needed to determine the emission standards for the engine family. You may specify displacement, maximum engine power, and power density as ranges consistent with the ranges listed in § 1042.101. See § 1042.140 for descriptions of how to specify per-cylinder displacement, maximum engine power, and power density.


(c) For remanufactured engines that are subject to this subpart as described in § 1042.801(a), but are not subject to remanufacturing standards as allowed by § 1042.810 or § 1042.815, you may voluntarily add a label as specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, except that the label must omit the standardized designation for the engine family and include the following alternative compliance statement: “THIS MARINE ENGINE IS NOT SUBJECT TO REMANUFACTURING STANDARDS UNDER 40 CFR PART 1042, SUBPART I, FOR [CALENDAR YEAR OF REMANUFACTURE].”

(d) You may add information to the emission control information label to identify other emission standards that the engine meets or does not meet (such as international standards). You may also add other information to ensure that the engine will be properly maintained and used.

(e) You may ask us to approve modified labeling requirements in this section if you show that it is necessary or appropriate. We will approve your request if your alternate label is consistent with the intent of the labeling requirements of this section.

[81 FR 74153, Oct. 25, 2016]