Title 40

SECTION 1042.825

1042.825 Baseline determination.

§ 1042.825 Baseline determination.

(a) For the purpose of this subpart, the term “baseline emissions” means the average measured emission rate specified by this section. Baseline emissions are specific to a given certificate holder and a given engine configuration.

(b) Select a used engine to be the emission-data engine for the engine family for testing. Using good engineering judgment, select the engine configuration expected to represent the most common configuration in the family.

(c) Remanufacture the engine according to OEM specifications (or equivalent). The engine is considered “the baseline engine” at this point. If the OEM specifications include a range of adjustment for any parameter, set the parameter to the midpoint of the range. You may ask us to allow you to adjust it differently, consistent with good engineering judgment.

(d) Test the baseline engine four times according to the test procedures in subpart F of this part. The baseline emissions are the average of those four tests.

(e) We may require you to test a second engine of the same or different configuration in addition to the engine tested under this section. If we require you to test the same configuration, average the results of the testing with previous results, unless we determine that your previous results are not valid.

(f) Use good engineering judgment for all aspects of the baseline determination. We may reject your baseline if we determine that you did not use good engineering judgment, consistent with the provisions of 40 CFR 1068.5.