Title 40

SECTION 1042.815

1042.815 Demonstrating availability.

§ 1042.815 Demonstrating availability.

(a) A certified remanufacturing system is considered to be available for a specific engine only if EPA has certified the remanufacturing system as being in compliance with the provisions of this part and the certificate holder has demonstrated during certification that the system meets the criteria of this paragraph (a). We may issue a certificate for a remanufacturing system that does not meet these criteria, but such systems would not be considered available.

(1) The engine configuration must be included in the engine family for the remanufacturing system.

(2) The total marginal cost of the remanufacturing system, as calculated under paragraph (c) of this section, must be less than $45,000 per ton of PM reduction.

(3) It must be possible to obtain and install the remanufacturing system in a timely manner consistent with normal remanufacturing procedures. For example, a remanufacturing system would generally not be considered to be available if it required that the engine be removed from the vessel and shipped to a factory to be remanufactured.

(4) The remanufacturing system may result in increased maintenance costs, provided the incremental maintenance costs are included in the total costs. The remanufacturing system may not adversely affect engine reliability or power. Note that owner/operators may ask us to determine that a remanufacturing system is not considered available for their vessels because of excessive costs under § 1042.850.

(b) We will maintain a list of available remanufacturing systems. A new remanufacturing system is considered to be available 120 days after we first issue a certificate of conformity for it. Where we issue a certificate of conformity based on carryover data for a system that is already considered to be available for the configuration, the 120-day delay does not apply and the new system is considered to be available when we issue the certificate.

(c) For the purpose of paragraph (a)(2) of this section, marginal cost means the difference in costs between remanufacturing the engine using the remanufacturing system and remanufacturing the engine conventionally, divided by the projected amount that PM emissions will be reduced over the engine's useful life.

(1) Total costs include:

(i) Incremental hardware costs.

(ii) Incremental labor costs.

(iii) Incremental operating costs over one useful life period.

(iv) Other costs (such as shipping).

(2) Calculate the projected amount that PM emissions will be reduced over the engine's useful life using the following equation:

PM tons = (EFbase − EFcont) × (PR) × (UL) × (LF) × (10−6) Where: EFbase = deteriorated baseline PM emission rate (g/kW-hr). EFcont = deteriorated controlled PM emission rate (g/kW-hr). PR = maximum engine power for the engine (kW). UL = useful life (hr). LF = the load factor that would apply for your engine under § 1042.705.