Title 40

SECTION 1042.201

1042.201 General requirements for obtaining a certificate of conformity.

§ 1042.201 General requirements for obtaining a certificate of conformity.

(a) You must send us a separate application for a certificate of conformity for each engine family. A certificate of conformity is valid for new production from the indicated effective date until the end of the model year for which it is issued, which may not extend beyond December 31 of that year. No certificate will be issued after December 31 of the model year. You may amend your application for certification after the end of the model year in certain circumstances as described in §§ 1042.220 and 1042.225. You must renew your certification annually for any engines you continue to produce.

(b) The application must contain all the information required by this part and must not include false or incomplete statements or information (see § 1042.255).

(c) We may ask you to include less information than we specify in this subpart, as long as you maintain all the information required by § 1042.250.

(d) You must use good engineering judgment for all decisions related to your application (see 40 CFR 1068.5).

(e) An authorized representative of your company must approve and sign the application.

(f) See § 1042.255 for provisions describing how we will process your application.

(g) We may require you to deliver your test engines to a facility we designate for our testing (see § 1042.235(c)). Alternatively, you may choose to deliver another engine that is identical in all material respects to the test engine, or another engine that we determine can appropriately serve as an emission-data engine for the engine family.

(h) For engines that become new after being placed into service, such as engines installed on imported vessels, we may specify alternate certification provisions consistent with the intent of this part. See the definition of “new marine engine” in § 1042.901.

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