Title 40

SECTION 1037.301

1037.301 Overview of measurements related to GEM inputs in a selective enforcement audit.

§ 1037.301 Overview of measurements related to GEM inputs in a selective enforcement audit.

(a) We may require you to perform selective enforcement audits under 40 CFR part 1068, subpart E, with respect to any GEM inputs in your application for certification. Sections 1037.305 through 1037.315 describe how this applies uniquely in certain circumstances.

(b) A selective enforcement audit for this part 1037 consists of performing measurements with production vehicles relative to one or more declared values for GEM inputs, and using those measured values in place of your declared values to run GEM. Except as specified in this subpart, the vehicle is considered passing if the new modeled emission result is at or below the modeled emission result corresponding to the declared GEM inputs. If you report an FEL for the vehicle configuration before the audit, we will instead consider the vehicle passing if the new cycle-weighted emission result matches or exceeds the efficiency improvement is at or below the FEL.

(c) We may audit your production components and your records to confirm that physical parameters are correct, such as dimensional accuracy and material selection. We may also audit your records to confirm that you are properly documenting the certified configurations of production vehicles.

(d) Selective enforcement audit provisions for fuel maps apply to engine manufacturers as specified in 40 CFR 1036.301. See § 1037.315 for selective enforcement audit provisions applicable to powertrain fuel maps.

(e) We may suspend or revoke certificates based on the outcome of a selective enforcement audit for any appropriate configurations within one or more vehicle families.

(f) We may apply selective enforcement audit provisions with respect to off-cycle technologies, with any necessary modifications, consistent with good engineering judgment.