Title 40

SECTION 1037.255

1037.255 What decisions may EPA make regarding my certificate of conformity

§ 1037.255 What decisions may EPA make regarding my certificate of conformity?

(a) If we determine your application is complete and shows that the vehicle family meets all the requirements of this part and the Act, we will issue a certificate of conformity for your vehicle family for that model year. We may make the approval subject to additional conditions.

(b) We may deny your application for certification if we determine that your vehicle family fails to comply with emission standards or other requirements of this part or the Clean Air Act. We will base our decision on all available information. If we deny your application, we will explain why in writing.

(c) In addition, we may deny your application or suspend or revoke your certificate if you do any of the following:

(1) Refuse to comply with any testing or reporting requirements.

(2) Submit false or incomplete information (paragraph (e) of this section applies if this is fraudulent). This includes doing anything after submission of your application to render any of the submitted information false or incomplete.

(3) Render any test data inaccurate.

(4) Deny us from completing authorized activities (see 40 CFR 1068.20). This includes a failure to provide reasonable assistance.

(5) Produce vehicles for importation into the United States at a location where local law prohibits us from carrying out authorized activities.

(6) Fail to supply requested information or amend your application to include all vehicles being produced.

(7) Take any action that otherwise circumvents the intent of the Act or this part, with respect to your vehicle family.

(d) We may void the certificate of conformity for a vehicle family if you fail to keep records, send reports, or give us information as required under this part or the Act. Note that these are also violations of 40 CFR 1068.101(a)(2).

(e) We may void your certificate if we find that you intentionally submitted false or incomplete information. This includes rendering submitted information false or incomplete after submission.

(f) If we deny your application or suspend, revoke, or void your certificate, you may ask for a hearing (see § 1037.820).