Title 40

SECTION 1033.5

1033.5 Exemptions and exclusions.

§ 1033.5 Exemptions and exclusions.

(a) Subpart G of this part exempts certain locomotives from the standards of this part.

(b) The definition of “locomotive” in § 1033.901 excludes certain vehicles. In general, the engines used in such excluded equipment are subject to standards under other regulatory parts. For example, see 40 CFR part 1039 for requirements that apply to diesel engines used in equipment excluded from the definition of “locomotive” in § 1033.901. The following locomotives are also excluded from the provisions of this part 1033:

(1) Historic locomotives powered by steam engines. For a locomotive that was originally manufactured after January 1, 1973 to be excluded under this paragraph (b)(1), it may not use any internal combustion engines and must be used only for historical purposes such as at a museum or similar public attraction.

(2) Locomotives powered only by an external source of electricity.

(c) The requirements and prohibitions of this part apply only for locomotives that have become “new” (as defined in § 1033.901) on or after July 7, 2008.

(d) The provisions of this part do not apply for any auxiliary engine that only provides hotel power. In general, these engines are subject to the provisions of 40 CFR part 1039. However, depending on the engine cycle, model year and power rating, the engines may be subject to other regulatory parts instead.

(e) Manufacturers and owners of locomotives that operate only on non-standard gauge rails may ask us to exclude such locomotives from this part by excluding them from the definition of “locomotive”.