Title 40

SECTION 1033.425

1033.425 In-use test program reporting requirements.

§ 1033.425 In-use test program reporting requirements.

(a) Within 90 days of completion of testing, send us all emission test results generated from the in-use testing program. Report all of the following information for each locomotive tested:

(1) Engine family, and configuration.

(2) Locomotive and engine models.

(3) Locomotive and engine serial numbers.

(4) Date of manufacture or remanufacture, as applicable.

(5) Megawatt-hours of use (or miles, as applicable).

(6) Date and time of each test attempt.

(7) Results of all emission testing.

(8) Results (if any) of each voided or failed test attempt.

(9) Summary of all maintenance and/or adjustments performed.

(10) Summary of all modifications and/or repairs.

(11) Determinations of noncompliance.

(12) The following signed statement and endorsement by an authorized representative of your company.

We submit this report under sections 208 and 213 of the Clean Air Act. Our in-use testing conformed completely with the requirements of 40 CFR part 1033. All the information in this report is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I know of the penalties for violating the Clean Air Act and the regulations. (Authorized Company Representative)

(b) Report to us within 90 days of completion of testing the following information for each engine family tested:

(1) The serial numbers of all locomotive that were excluded from the test sample because they did not meet the maintenance requirements of § 1033.420.

(2) The owner of each locomotive identified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section (or other entity responsible for the maintenance of the locomotive).

(3) The specific reasons why the locomotives were excluded from the test sample.

(c) Submit the information outlined in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section electronically using an approved format. We may exempt you from this requirement upon written request with supporting justification.

(d) Send all testing reports and requests for approvals to the Designated Compliance Officer.