Title 40

SECTION 1033.420

1033.420 Maintenance, procurement and testing of in-use locomotives.

§ 1033.420 Maintenance, procurement and testing of in-use locomotives.

(a) A test locomotive must have a maintenance history that is representative of actual in-use conditions, and identical or equivalent to your recommended emission-related maintenance requirements.

(1) When procuring locomotives for in-use testing, ask the end users about the accumulated usage, maintenance, operating conditions, and storage of the test locomotives.

(2) Your selection of test locomotives is subject to our approval. Maintain the information you used to procure locomotives for in-use testing in the same manner as is required in § 1033.250.

(b) You may perform minimal set-to-spec maintenance on a test locomotive before conducting in-use testing. Maintenance may include only that which is listed in the owner's instructions for locomotives with the amount of service and age of the acquired test locomotive. Maintain documentation of all maintenance and adjustments.

(c) If the locomotive selected for testing is equipped with emission diagnostics meeting the requirements in § 1033.110 and the MIL is illuminated, you may read the code and repair the malfunction according to your emission-related maintenance instructions, but only to the degree that an owner/operator would be required to repair the malfunction under § 1033.815.

(d) Results of at least one valid set of emission tests using the test procedure described in subpart F of this part is required for each in-use locomotive.

(e) If in-use testing results show that an in-use locomotive fails to comply with any applicable emission standards, you must determine the reason for noncompliance and report your findings in the quarterly in-use test result report described in § 1033.425.