Title 40

SECTION 1033.335

1033.335 Remanufactured locomotives: installation audit requirements.

§ 1033.335 Remanufactured locomotives: installation audit requirements.

The section specifies the requirements for certifying remanufacturers to audit the remanufacture of locomotives covered by their certificates of conformity for proper components, component settings and component installations on randomly chosen locomotives in an engine family.

(a) You must ensure that all emission related components are properly installed on the locomotive and are set to the proper specification as indicated in your instructions. You may submit audits performed by the owners/operators of the locomotives, provided the audits are performed in accordance with the provisions of this section. We may require that you obtain affidavits for audits performed by owners/operators.

(b) Audit at least five percent of your annual production per model year per installer or ten per engine family per installer, whichever is less. You must perform more audits if there are any failures. Randomly select the locomotives to be audited after the remanufacture is complete. We may allow you to select locomotives prior to the completion of the remanufacture, if the preselection would not have the potential to affect the manner in which the locomotive was remanufactured (e.g., where the installer is not aware of the selection prior to the completion of the remanufacture). Unless we specify otherwise, you are not required to audit installers that remanufacture fewer than 10 locomotives per year under your certificates (combined for all of your engine families).

(c) The audit should be completed as soon as is practical after the remanufacture is complete. In no case may the remanufactured locomotive accumulate more than 45,000 miles prior to an audit.

(d) A locomotive fails if any emission related components are found to be improperly installed, improperly adjusted or incorrectly used.

(e) If a remanufactured locomotive fails an audit, then you must audit two additional locomotives from the next ten remanufactured in that engine family by that installer.

(f) An engine family is determined to have failed an audit, if at any time during the model year, you determine that the three locomotives audited are found to have had any improperly installed, improperly adjusted or incorrectly used components. You must notify us within 2 working days of a determination of an engine family audit failure.

(g) Within 45 calendar days of the end of each quarter, the remanufacturer must send the Designated Compliance Officer a report which includes the following information:

(1) The location and description of your audit facilities which were utilized to conduct auditing reported pursuant to this section;

(2) Total production and sample size for each engine family;

(3) The applicable standards and/or FELs against which each engine family was audited;

(4) For each audit conducted:

(i) A description of the audited locomotive, including:

(A) Configuration and engine family identification;

(B) Year, make, build date, and remanufacture date; and

(C) Locomotive and engine identification numbers;

(ii) Any other information we request relevant to the determination whether the new locomotives being remanufactured do in fact conform with the regulations with respect to which the certificate of conformity was issued;

(5) For each failed locomotive as defined in paragraph (d) of this section, a description of the remedy as required by § 1033.340(g);

(6) The following signed statement and endorsement by your authorized representative:

We submit this report under sections 208 and 213 of the Clean Air Act. Our production-line auditing conformed completely with the requirements of 40 CFR part 1033. We have not changed production processes or quality-control procedures for the audited locomotives in a way that might affect emission controls. All the information in this report is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I know of the penalties for violating the Clean Air Act and the regulations. (Authorized Company Representative)

[73 FR 37197, June 30, 2008, as amended at 73 FR 59190, Oct. 8, 2008]