Title 40

SECTION 1033.305

1033.305 General requirements.

§ 1033.305 General requirements.

(a) Manufacturers (and remanufacturers, where applicable) are required to test production line locomotives using the test procedures specified in § 1033.315. While this subpart refers to locomotive testing, you may ask to test locomotive engines instead of testing locomotives.

(b) Remanufacturers are required to conduct audits according to the requirements of § 1033.335 to ensure that remanufactured locomotives comply with the requirements of this part.

(c) If you certify an engine family with carryover emission data, as described in § 1033.235, and these equivalent engine families consistently pass the production-line testing requirements over the preceding two-year period, you may ask for a reduced testing rate for further production-line testing for that family. If we reduce your testing rate, we may limit our approval to any number of model years. In determining whether to approve your request, we may consider the number of locomotives that have failed emission tests.

(d) You may ask to use an alternate program or measurement method for testing production-line engines. In your request, you must show us that the alternate program gives equal assurance that your engines meet the requirements of this part. We may waive some or all of this subpart's requirements if we approve your alternate program.