Title 40

SECTION 1033.220

1033.220 Amending maintenance instructions.

§ 1033.220 Amending maintenance instructions.

You may amend your emission-related maintenance instructions after you submit your application for certification, as long as the amended instructions remain consistent with the provisions of § 1033.125. You must send the Designated Compliance Officer a request to amend your application for certification for an engine family if you want to change the emission-related maintenance instructions in a way that could affect emissions. In your request, describe the proposed changes to the maintenance instructions. If owners/operators follow the original maintenance instructions rather than the newly specified maintenance, this does not allow you to disqualify those locomotives from in-use testing or deny a warranty claim.

(a) If you are decreasing or eliminating any of the specified maintenance, you may distribute the new maintenance instructions to your customers 30 days after we receive your request, unless we disapprove your request. This would generally include replacing one maintenance step with another. We may approve a shorter time or waive this requirement.

(b) If your requested change would not decrease the specified maintenance, you may distribute the new maintenance instructions anytime after you send your request. For example, this paragraph (b) would cover adding instructions to increase the frequency of filter changes for locomotives in severe-duty applications.

(c) You do not need to request approval if you are making only minor corrections (such as correcting typographical mistakes), clarifying your maintenance instructions, or changing instructions for maintenance unrelated to emission control. We may ask you to send us copies of maintenance instructions revised under this paragraph (c).

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