Title 40

SECTION 1033.1

1033.1 Applicability.

§ 1033.1 Applicability.

The regulations in this part 1033 apply for all new locomotives and all locomotives containing a new locomotive engine, except as provided in § 1033.5.

(a) Standards begin to apply each time a locomotive or locomotive engine is originally manufactured or otherwise becomes new (defined in § 1033.901). The requirements of this part continue to apply as specified after locomotives cease to be new.

(b) Standards apply to the locomotive. However, in certain cases, the manufacturer/remanufacturer is allowed to test a locomotive engine instead of a complete locomotive, such as for certification. Also, you are not required to complete assembly of a locomotive to obtain a certificate of conformity for it, provided you meet the definition of “manufacturer” or “remanufacturer” (as applicable) in § 1033.901. For example, an engine manufacturer may obtain a certificate for locomotives which it does not manufacture, if the locomotives use its engines.

(c) Standards apply based on the year in which the locomotive was originally manufactured. The date of original manufacture is generally the date on which assembly is completed for the first time. For example, all locomotives originally manufactured in calendar years 2002, 2003, and 2004 are subject to the Tier 1 emission standards for their entire service lives.

(d) The following provisions apply when there are multiple persons meeting the definition of manufacturer or remanufacturer in § 1033.901:

(1) Each person meeting the definition of manufacturer must comply with the requirements of this part that apply to manufacturers; and each person meeting the definition of remanufacturer must comply with the requirements of this part that apply to remanufacturers. However, if one person complies with a specific requirement for a given locomotive, then all manufacturers/remanufacturers are deemed to have complied with that specific requirement.

(2) We will apply the requirements of subparts C, D, and E of this part to the manufacturer/remanufacturer that obtains the certificate of conformity for the locomotive. Other manufacturers and remanufacturers are required to comply with the requirements of subparts C, D, and E of this part only when notified by us. In our notification, we will specify a reasonable time period in which you need to comply with the requirements identified in the notice. See § 1033.601 for the applicability of 40 CFR part 1068 to these other manufacturers and remanufacturers.

(3) For example, we may require a railroad that installs certified kits but does not hold the certificate to perform production line auditing of the locomotives that it remanufactures. However, if we did, we would allow the railroad a reasonable amount of time to develop the ability to perform such auditing.

(e) The provisions of this part apply as specified for locomotives manufactured or remanufactured on or after July 7, 2008. See § 1033.102 to determine whether the standards of this part or the standards specified in Appendix I of this part apply for model years 2008 through 2012. For example, for a locomotive that was originally manufactured in 2007 and remanufactured on April 10, 2014, the provisions of this part begin to apply on April 10, 2014.

[73 FR 37197, June 30, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 74004, Oct. 25, 2016]