Title 40

SECTION 1027.130

1027.130 How do I make a fee payment

§ 1027.130 How do I make a fee payment?

(a) Pay fees to the order of the Environmental Protection Agency in U.S. dollars using any of the following methods: money order, bank draft, certified check, corporate check, electronic funds transfer, any method available for payment online at www.Pay.gov., or as specified in EPA guidance.

(b) Send a completed fee filing form to the address designated on the form for each fee payment or electronically at www.Pay.gov., or as provided in EPA guidance. These forms are available on the Internet at http://www.epa.gov/otaq/guidance.htm.

(c) You must pay the fee amount due before we will start to process an application for certification.

(d) If we deny a reduced fee, you must pay the proper fee within 30 days after we notify you of our decision.