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Appendix D to Part 403 - Selected Industrial Subcategories Considered Dilute for Purposes of the Combined Wastestream Formula

40: : Appendix D

Appendix D to Part 403 - Selected Industrial Subcategories Considered Dilute for Purposes of the Combined Wastestream Formula

The following industrial subcategories are considered to have dilute wastestreams for purposes of the combined wastestream formula. They either were or could have been excluded from categorical pretreatment standards pursuant to paragraph 8 of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., et al. v. Costle Consent Decree for one or more of the following four reasons: (1) The pollutants of concern are not detectable in the effluent from the industrial user (paragraph 8(a)(iii)); (2) the pollutants of concern are present only in trace amounts and are neither causing nor likely to cause toxic effects (paragraph 8(a)(iii)); (3) the pollutants of concern are present in amounts too small to be effectively reduced by technologies known to the Administrator (paragraph 8(a)(iii)); or (4) the wastestream contains only pollutants which are compatible with the POTW (paragraph 8(b)(i)). In some instances, different rationales were given for exclusion under paragraph 8. However, EPA has reviewed these subcategories and has determined that exclusion could have occurred due to one of the four reasons listed above.

This list is complete as of October 9, 1986. It will be updated periodically for the convenience of the reader.

Auto and Other Laundries (40 CFR part 444) Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Coin-Operated Laundries and Dry Cleaning Diaper Services Dry Cleaning Plants except Rug Cleaning Industrial Laundries Laundry and Garment Services, Not Elsewhere Classified Linen Supply Power Laundries, Family and Commercial Electrical and Electronic Components 1 (40 CFR part 469)

1 The Paragraph 8 exemption for the manufacture of products in the Electrical and Electronic Components Category is for operations not covered by Electroplating/Metal Finishing pretreatment regulations (40 CFR parts 413/433).

Capacitors (Fluid Fill) Carbon and Graphite Products Dry Transformers Ferrite Electronic Devices Fixed Capacitors Fluorescent Lamps Fuel Cells Incandescent Lamps Magnetic Coatings Mica Paper Dielectric Motors, Generators, Alternators Receiving and Transmitting Tubes Resistance Heaters Resistors Swithchgear Transformer (Fluid Fill) Metal Molding and Casting (40 CFR part 464) Nickel Casting Tin Casting Titanium Casting Gum and Wood Chemicals (40 CFR part 454) Char and Charcoal Briquets Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing (40 CFR part 415) Ammonium Chloride Ammonium Hydroxide Barium Carbonate Calcium Carbonate Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide and Byproduct Hydrogen Hydrochloric Acid Hydrogen Peroxide (Organic Process) Nitric Acid Oxygen and Nitrogen Potassium Iodide Sodium Chloride (Brine Mining Process) Sodium Hydrosulfide Sodium Hydrosulfite Sodium Metal Sodium Silicate Sodium Thiosulfate Sulfur Dioxide Sulfuric Acid Leather (40 CFR part 425) Gloves Luggage Paving and Roofing (40 CFR part 443) Asphalt Concrete Asphalt Emulsion Linoleum Printed Asphalt Felt Roofing Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard, and Builders' Paper and Board Mills (40 CFR parts 430 and 431) Groundwood-Chemi-Mechanical Rubber Manufacturing (40 CFR part 428) Tire and Inner Tube Plants Emulsion Crumb Rubber Solution Crumb Rubber Latex Rubber Small-sized General Molded, Extruded and Fabricated Rubber Plants, 2

2 Footnote: Except for production attributed to lead-sheathed hose manufacturing operations.

Medium-sided General Molded, Extruded and Fabricated Rubber Plants 2 Large-sized General Molded, Extruded and Fabricated Rubber Plants 2 Wet Digestion Reclaimed Rubber Pan, Dry Digestion, and Mechanical Reclaimed Rubber Latex Dipped, Latex-Extruded, and Latex-Molded Rubber 3

3 Footnote: Except for production attributed to chromic acid form-cleaning operations.

Latex Foam 4

4 Footnote: Except for production that generates zinc as a pollutant in discharge.

Soap and Detergent Manufacturing (40 CFR part 417) Soap Manufacture by Batch Kettle Fatty Acid Manufacture by Fat Splitting Soap Manufacture by Fatty Acid Neutralization Glycerine Concentration Glycerine Distillation Manufacture of Soap Flakes and Powders Manufacture of Bar Soaps Manufacture of Liquid Soaps Manufacture of Spray Dried Detergents Manufacture of Liquid Detergents Manufacture of Dry Blended Detergents Manufacture of Drum Dried Detergents Manufacture of Detergent Bars and Cakes Textile Mills (40 CFR part 410) Apparel manufacturing Cordage and Twine Padding and Upholstery Filling Timber Products Processing (40 CFR part 429) Barking Process Finishing Processes Hardboard - Dry Process [51 FR 36372, Oct. 9, 1986]