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Appendix I to Part 265 - Recordkeeping Instructions

40: : Appendix I

Appendix I to Part 265 - Recordkeeping Instructions

The recordkeeping provisions of § 265.73 specify that an owner or operator must keep a written operating record at his facility. This appendix provides additional instructions for keeping portions of the operating record. See § 265.73(b) for additional recordkeeping requirements.

The following information must be recorded, as it becomes available, and maintained in the operating record until closure of the facility in the following manner:

Records of each hazardous waste received, treated, stored, or disposed of at the facility which include the following:

(1) A description by its common name and the EPA Hazardous Waste Number(s) from part 261 of this chapter which apply to the waste. The waste description also must include the waste's physical form, i.e., liquid, sludge, solid, or contained gas. If the waste is not listed in part 261, subpart D, of this chapter, the description also must include the process that produced it (for example, solid filter cake from production of ___, EPA Hazardous Waste Number W051).

Each hazardous waste listed in part 261, subpart D, of this chapter, and each hazardous waste characteristic defined in part 261, subpart C, of this chapter, has a four-digit EPA Hazardous Waste Number assigned to it. This number must be used for recordkeeping and reporting purposes. Where a hazardous waste contains more than one listed hazardous waste, or where more than one hazardous waste characteristic applies to the waste, the waste description must include all applicable EPA Hazardous Waste Numbers.

(2) The estimated or manifest-reported weight, or volume and density, where applicable, in one of the units of measure specified in Table 1; and

Table 1

Unit of measure Code 1
Gallons G
Gallons per Hour E
Gallons per Day U
Liters L
Liters Per Hour H
Liters Per Day V
Short Tons Per Hour D
Metric Tons Per Hour W
Short Tons Per Day N
Metric Tons Per Day S
Pounds Per Hour J
Kilograms Per Hour R
Cubic Yards Y
Cubic Meters C
Acres B
Acre-feet A
Hectares Q
Hectare-meter F
Btu's per Hour I
Pounds P
Short tons T
Kilograms K
Tons M