Title 38 Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.1008

Title 38 → Chapter I → Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.1008

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Title 38 Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.1008

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Title 38Chapter IPart 3Subpart A → §3.1008

Title 38: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief
Subpart A—Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

§3.1008   Accrued benefits payable to foreign beneficiaries.

In case of death of the payee of any check in payment of periodic monetary benefits (other than insurance and servicemembers' indemnity) accruing under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, while the amount thereof remains in the special deposit account established by Pub. L. 828, 76th Congress, such amount will be payable under section 3 of that act. (31 U.S.C. 125) However, the accrued amount will be payable only if the person on whose behalf checks were issued and the person claiming the accrued amount have not been guilty of mutiny, treason, sabotage, or rendering assistance to an enemy of the United States or of its allies.

[26 FR 1609, Feb. 24, 1961]